Day 22 – Stop Digging!

My close family and friends know that I am good at digging holes. Not literally but figuratively. I have always been a dreamer and someone who wants to do it all and take on the world. Due to this sometimes I find myself in a deep hole that I am not always sure I can get out of but I usually do. I blame my mother for this because she too takes on more than she should at times because she has a good heart and likes to help people in need. Unlike her I have learned a powerful word, NO, I just sometimes let me dreams take over my reality. Anyways, enough about me, back to the DIY, today’s blog is centered around none other than the shovel. Yes, I said shovels! Check out these really cool DIY projects below. We have almost made it to the end, don’t stop checking out the blog yet, I have saved the best for last!!! And be sure to hang in there with others blogging 30 Days of Agriculture.


You Can’t Be Serious…The Little Black Bags

Shortly after we moved, I decided it was finally time for me to get the puppy I had been begging for since my senior year of high school. About 2 weeks after moving, we found Miss Mallory and took a weekend roadtrip to Iowa to pick her up and bring her home.

Little Miss Mallory

We were so excited upon her arrival and tried to get everything we could imagine to make her feel welcomed at home and stay prepared for all of her needs.

At the time I was so excited about getting the puppy I didn’t realize all the new chores that came with keeping a dog in town over having a dog in the country. Now don’t get me wrong, WE absolutely adore our sweet little mallory and wouldn’t trade her for the world. That being said, I would trade the little black bags we now have to keep around for picking up…you guessed it dog poo.

Now you are probably thinking,” you keep saying how you two are farm kids, you sometimes practically roll around in cattle crap some days and you have an issue with picking up dog poo”. Well here is the thing…it’s just not the same. So once we got our dear sweet Mallory we began the battle of who was to pick up the poo. To keep this story short I drew the short stick and still do most of the time. My family thinks we are crazy and says we should just get a shovel and through it over the fence to fertilizer the farmer’s field (that is obviously a country dwelling person’s mentality). But we are trying to adapt to our new environment and fit in so for now we are not flinging any poo over the fence.

Instead we go through a roll of little black bags a week and the trash man gets a large bag of smelly surprises each week. That being said, since we are doing our part in picking up after our pets, a few others in the neighborhood could take a few pointers, but that is a story for another time. I still always feel awkward when Mal and I are walking around the neighborhood and I am carrying a little black bag in my hand.

But these are things normal city people do and in order to fit in we must as well. So as long as we are here we will be carrying around the wonderful Little Black Bags.

Our Little Family