Day 26 – Feed Sack

Feed sacks have gone through many different phases. Starting out as cloth based that was turned into clothing and curtains and things for your home, to becoming a more woven material, to now more likely being made of a paper based or plastic like product. Some had vibrant colors and patterns carefully put into them, now covered with logos, instructions and ingredients. I know at our farms feedsacks have been piling up for years, so if you happen to be crafty with current days feedsacks or stumble across some of the original cloth based ones, check out the Farm Related DIY projects below. Only four days left of 30 Days of Agriculture. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see MY FAVORITE DIY item and projects yet!!! Be sure to check out my pinterest board to find instructions or more information on all DIY projects and photos used on these posts.


Day 25 – Perfect Transformation

I can slightly remember from my first years of showing dad bringing a “feedbox”, feed shovel, and feed scoop so that he could hand mix the feed while we were exhibiting cattle at a show. Luckily, we no longer have to pack those added items and we use the dump and eyeball method. However, I do still see feed scoops around today while at the shows. Most of them now though are pretty bright colors and are made of plastic and would not work for today’s DIY ideas. But, if you are lucky enough to come across some old school or metal feed scoops “scoop” them up to make these really cool lighted wall scones. Perfect for any country themed home. These may be an essential in my future home!

We only have 5 days left of 30 Days of Agriculture and 5 more days of Farm – Related DIY so don’t miss out!

feedscoop2 feedscoop

Day 19 – Feeling Lucky?

I realize I am a day behind so today is your lucky day. Not only are you going to be lucky enough to have two DIY post, but we are also talking about lucky horseshoes today. Although, horses are no longer used on our farm, at one time they were. Due to that we have horse shoes roaming around many of our barns. Horseshoes can be great for DIY and I found alot of awesome things you can do with them. So check out this photos below and my pinterest board to get the ideas flowing. I have also added a link on my Pinterest on how to clean horse shoes and ready them for arts and crafts.


I have almost made it and so have the others that joined me! Be sure to check out other blogging 30 Days of Agriculture and check back later today for Day 20!

Day 15- Chicken, Chicken

chicken1Personally, I don’t think I will find any of today’s farm item on our farm. I don’t recall ever hearing about Chickens roaming the Moore Farm, and I imagine they never will. (At least not while  I have a say). Regardless for those of you that had chickens on our farm today’s DIY revolves around chicken feeders. If you are like me, I never would have thought you could make something creative out of a chicken feeder. I imagine there are a lot more ideas out there that could be cute as well but I like to two I found. One used it as a shelf/hold all in what appears to be a shed or garden area. You can hang and clip stuff for the wire on the top and then use the feed holding area to set stuff in like a shelf. Pretty cool. The other turned their chicken feeder into a planter for their flowers. Have you every used chicken feeders in a creative way before?chicken2



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Day 11- Bucket of Nails

As I have said before we like to keep things around the farm. This being said it shouldn’t surprise you that we have a bucket of nails always handy. New nails, rusty nails, bent nails, used nails, lots and lots of nails. You are probably thinking okay what makes nails so special today? We already use nails to hang things up in our house and hold stuff together. I agree, that nails don’t seem that unique, but when I saw these projects with nails I knew that I had to share them! When I first saw the flower made out of nails I was immediately awe struck. What a cool piece to have in your house or flower garden. Then I discovered the adorable vase/holder for live flowers. Maybe those rusty nails will come in handy after all!

Check out others blogging with me and come back tomorrow for Day 12 of 30 Days of Farm Related DIY.

Flower holder/vase made out of nails.

Flower holder/vase made out of nails.

Flower made from nails

Flower made from nails

Day 1- The Grain Bin

To kick off the 30 Days of Farm -Related DIY, we start with what may be one of the biggest things located on your families farm. The Grain-Bin, also known as a silo, is the location on the farm where grain (usually corn or soybeans) is stored until sold. Sometimes, the grain is also put in the bins to be dryed if it is too wet at harvest.

So, what can you do with a grain bin you ask..Well prepared to be amazed.

The first , and more reasonable, DIY upscale project is grain bin chairs. How cool would this look on a front porch or hanging

Rock the night away in this silo chair.

Rock the night away in this silo chair.

from a tree in place of a hammock! Watch the sunset or sunrise from the inside of the grain bin. There were no instructions included with this picture so sorry about that! Best of luck!

If that didn’t blow your mind, then the next idea surely will. Have you ever considered living in a grain bin???

You might not have before but after looking at the cute grain bin houses below you may change your mind! I can only imagine what the inside of these houses might possibly look like. I can see staircases leading to rooms and a window in the very top that allows you to see the countryside for miles.

Stay tuned for more. Also don’t forget to check out others 30 Days related to agriculture bloggers!

Small grain bin home

Small grain bin home

Large Grain Bin Home

Large Grain Bin Home

30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects

Welp, I am dusting of the blog again this year to join Holly Spangler and company in the 30 Days of posting. Hopefully, I can make it all the way through this year as last year I fell off about Louisville time.

My topic this year: 30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects. Hopefully, this will inspire you in some way. I am not guaranteeing that all of these projects will be easy and I am not going to making them along the way. Instead I will be sharing ideas and showing ways to upscale common items found on the farm. I love DIY and I love it even more when it is something that was once a part of a farming operation. My dad always said one mans trash is another mans treasure whenever mom or I made him pick up around the farm to get ready for big events. We always questioned why he kept these old broken things that we would never use again, now I wish I wouldn’t have thrown some of it away.

I know that pallet projects are HUGE right now, but I plan to go beyond the pallet and show other ideas. So start collecting your farm “treasures”get your hubby on board and let’s see what we can create. If you have made something in the past that you would like me to highlight please send it my way!!!!!

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Day 4-The Grass is Greener at the Neighbors

It never fails that when I drive my car through a residential area in the spring, summer, and early fall I get a bit angry with something that I see. Now that I too live in a residential area I am surround by that one thing that angers me. What is the pet peeve of mine that causes so much anger you ask?  The answer is simple…Watering the Lawn.

Before you quit reading or fall of the floor laughing let me explain the reasons this bothers me so much. First and for most I don’t see the point. Who cares if your grass is green or brown? If no one waters there lawns everyone’s is going to look the same. What is your return on investment for pouring that valuable resource out the spicket and wasting it and money for the water? I know, getting to look outside to a green yard. If grass was meant to withstand the heat then God would have made it so. I mean that’s what he did when he created cactus so if that was his intention he would have done the same for grass.

Secondly, I get so aggravated because we as humans waste so much water. Not I am not a environmentalist or trying to save the planet, but come on people. When we run out of water, you should be the last people to get any of the reserves because you used to your reserves on your lawn. Where is that going to get you now? Enjoy that green grass!

However, the biggest reason this bothers me so much (especially this year) is because my family spends so much time trying to locate water for our livestock when resources are limited and here you are dumping it in the ground. We were in an extreme drought this summer and our government had to limit people and make it mandatory they didn’t water their lawns. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Common sense people! When water is limited you do not dump it on the ground for your damn grass! Meanwhile, livestock producers are hauling water in tanks, all over the county, just to be sure their animals can make it through the sweltering heat. I mean maybe I am just crazy, but this doesn’t add up to me.

I can guarantee you one thing as a townie, I will not be watering my lawn. So if you happen to be driving through my neighborhood next summer and you stumble across a crispy, dry, brown yard amongst a bunch of lush, green yards then you will know where I live. And if you live in my neighborhood, he is fair warning that I will give you a death stare when I drive or walk by and you are watering your lawn. Especially, if you are spraying half of it on the sidewalk.

The lawn of a garden taken from a low level.

The lawn of a garden taken from a low level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Little Sister

Through thick and thin we will be sisters until the end- Tomorrow my little (but taller) sissy will graduate from high school. This thought has left me in a confused emotional state. I am so happy and proud of all of her accomplishments as well as the young woman that she has developed in to. I am excited as she prepares for the next chapter in her life and continues to develop as a beautiful, talented and intelligent individual. I am thankful for all the lessons she has taught me along the path of life so far , including but not limited to: how to live and laugh during life, how to tell a joke, dance/cheerleading moves and cheers, alot about sheep, organization, how to cook, how to clean, that I need to save money better like her, and so much more. I appreciate her letting me borrow her shoes, clothes, jewelry, and the many countless other things I have probably taken without asking. But with all the happy thoughts I am mostly filled with sadness…I am not prepared for my little sister to grow up. In reality, I think her growing up makes me realize that I AM GROWING UP! I too will be starting a new chapter in my life in one more year. All I can think about is memories of my sister and I in our childhood and the many laughs we have had together and how I am not ready for those to end. (Sarah I will try my best not to cry tomorrow,but if mom starts crying I will too, you know how we are). I think of all the times Kelsey and I terrorized our poor little Sarah and she did whatever we said because she wanted to fit in. I think of the many times we did talent shows, fashion shows, queen pageants, puppet shows, and so much more. I think of more recent times like killing the Ford truck and smashing dad’s chips, getting stuck in a revolving door, laughing at mom for countless things, chasing around Dr. Pepper in the yard, and I most definitely remember when I used to sneak in the house as soon as we got home and hide in the hallway and scare you. (I did this so much that Sarah refused to come into the house before mom and dad and was scared to walk down the hallway…too funny, I am somewhat sorry). I came across a story I wrote about my little sister when I was going through things in my room. In it I talk about how my sister is the most generous person in the world that I know. She is generous because she gets me kleenexs when I ask for them and shares her Rugrat gum with me. It is hysterical..I will have to share it later..My point is that I knew from the beginning that you were GREAT and even though I always thought I wanted a baby brother I am much happier that I had a sister.  I am also sad that while being away at college I didn’t always get to be there to support my sister in some of her important high school events..and for that I AM SORRY SARAH!!!

No matter where life leads us in the future Sarah, I want you to know that I am always here for you and will always support you! You are the best sister anyone could ask for and I am so proud of your accomplishments! I love you!

Sisters don’t need words.  They have perfected a language of snarls and smiles and frowns and winks – expressions of shocked surprise and incredulity and disbelief.  Sniffs and snorts and gasps and sighs – that can undermine any tale you’re telling.  ~Pam Brown

Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown

Taking Care of My Little Sister


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