Day 6- Pallets, So Easy Even My Husband Could Do It????

I know I said I would try not to do pallets too often, but today you are getting pallets. Today pallet projects are unique though at least I hope they are. Many times I see something someone has made with pallets and the following thoughts cross my head: that is awesome, I don’t have time to do that, I don’t have the tools to do that, my husband won’t help me, I will probably cut my fingers/hand off while attempting this project. After reality sinks in I start looking for something else to dream about. However, the pallet projects I am sharing with you today APPEAR to require little if any disassembly of the original pallet and easy enough for anyone to take one. Disclaimer* I said appear, I have not tried any of these to date.

So below you will find the four pallet projects I think would be so easy that even my non-artsy, non-crafting husband could do it: Enjoy!

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Day 5 – Ribbons and Banners

I realize that the majority of farm related households may not have boxes and boxes of ribbons and banners lying around but if your family has been showing cattle for over 60 years , like mine, it becomes a real problem. As a child I saved every ribbon we ever received from the local level all the way up to the national level. As I got older I was more willing to part with ribbons and only save what I deemed the “important ones”. Nevertheless, my family and I have quit the collection. At one point I wanted to make a quilt/bedspread out of these beautiful ribbons, but have since realized I possess little sewing skills and “ain’t nobody got time for that”, so I have been looking for other creative ways to hold on to these precious memories. So below is a a mod podge of ideas I have found, including one that my crafty little sissy made.  **Disclaimer: Some of these require sewing talents way above my knowledge.

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Day 3 – Funnels

Running a little behind with today’s post, but late is better than never. Today’s DIY revolves around funnels. Now if you farm is anything like ours, we have funnels everywhere in all shapes and sizes. That being said most of them are covered in oil, grease, or smell like gas and other various substances that have been ran through them. So before I would jump on doing any of these projects I would be giving our funnels a thorough cleaning!!

Funnel Christmas Tree. Find out more by clicking on the photo!

Funnel Christmas Tree. Find out more by clicking on the photo!

Rusty funnel tree.

Rusty funnel tree.

Our first funnel DIY gets you prepared for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Introducing the funnel Christmas Tree. I find this to be adorable, yet something I never would have thought to do!

Another option with funnels, is more geared to outside your home and during the spring and summer months. Have you ever considered using a funnel as a pot for plants? If you answered no, then you and I had the same answer, however someone else did and I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I assume they put something across the hole to keep the soil in, but still allows that water to drain through. I think I may be going on a search for funnels this winter to hang from shepard’s hooks next spring. (See photos below)

The last Funnel DIY for the is for someone who wants to look farm chic all year long. Perfect for in the kitchen or over a dining room table. What am I talking about? FUNNEL LIGHTS!!!! If you don’t have a green thumb, but have a way with electricity turn your funnels into lights for home.funnel light

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I really like how they used old chains on this one as well. Great to replace an old tree swing or an empty spot in a yard

I really like how they used old chains on this one as well. Great to replace an old tree swing or an empty spot in a yard

Funnel "hanging basket" planters.

Funnel “hanging basket” planters.

Day 2- Mini Pallet Project

So I realize it’s only day 2 and I am already doing a pallet, but I actually made this project and so I want to share it with all of you. I found this small “pallet” at the our farm just leaning against a pole in the machine shop and my eyes lit up!! I asked Big Ron if I could have it and he said I could so my brain began to fill up with ideas. I think that some piece of equipment that was ordered was delivered on it as I haven’t yet located another one.

Before - After of my mini pallet project.

Before – After of my mini pallet project.

I started by power washing it and cleaning it off. Once that was done I used dannish oil and a cloth is stain it and make it have a darker finish. I went all over looking for pumpkin stencils and finding none I resorted to making my own, so although they are not perfect they don’t look to shabby. I also bought stencil letters. I spray used spray paint for everything on the pallet. I sealed it with an outdoor sealer and stapled the fall garland to the pallet. TA-DA a pretty cool piece of fall decor for my front door. Now I am searching for one to use for Christmas!

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30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects

Welp, I am dusting of the blog again this year to join Holly Spangler and company in the 30 Days of posting. Hopefully, I can make it all the way through this year as last year I fell off about Louisville time.

My topic this year: 30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects. Hopefully, this will inspire you in some way. I am not guaranteeing that all of these projects will be easy and I am not going to making them along the way. Instead I will be sharing ideas and showing ways to upscale common items found on the farm. I love DIY and I love it even more when it is something that was once a part of a farming operation. My dad always said one mans trash is another mans treasure whenever mom or I made him pick up around the farm to get ready for big events. We always questioned why he kept these old broken things that we would never use again, now I wish I wouldn’t have thrown some of it away.

I know that pallet projects are HUGE right now, but I plan to go beyond the pallet and show other ideas. So start collecting your farm “treasures”get your hubby on board and let’s see what we can create. If you have made something in the past that you would like me to highlight please send it my way!!!!!

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