What A Weirdo?

10527295_10152845571273628_3033307792034216986_nWell I am literally blowing dust of my blog as I write this today. I know it’s almost been a year since I posted last but life has just been full of wonderful events that have prevented me from taking a moment to sit down and write..I promise to do better in the future! I have had a thought rolling around in my head all week and I finally said hey, that would be a great thing to write about. So here it goes…For me living on a farm, raising livestock and all the crazy things that go along with it have been a way of life. I talk about it so matter of factually, always have, always will because I love to agvocate agriculture, but as I have gotten older and held jobs with those not from an agriculture background I realize how different my “normal” is to everyone else. And sometimes I just wonder if people leave a conversation with me and automatically think, WOW, THAT GIRL IS A WEIRDO!

For example, at the age of 5 I matter of factually explained to my entire class how a c-section on a cow works because the night before I had sat on the showbox at 10 pm and watched the whole thing from start to finish and the only time I spoke was to ask if the calf was alive. Because at age 5, the blood and everything that was going on didn’t bother me and it was normal to see babies born. Luckily, my kindergarten teacher’s family had cattle so she didn’t completely freak out but I remember a talk from my parents afterwards about how I don’t need to share everything I see at the farm. WEIRDO!

Flash forward to middle school and high school when I quit playing sports because I wanted to show cattle. Or when I broke up with all of my boyfriends over the summer because I didn’t have time for them in the summer. I didn’t have time to go on vacations with their family, or just layout by the pool, or be lazy and sleep till 10 all day. Several of them didn’t believe me when I said I will be lucky to sleep in my own bed 20 days the whole summer break. No, I couldn’t hang out with and no I didn’t get a day off when I was home. I had responsibilities and they all revolved around my show cattle. “You have to give your cows a bath every day twice a day?!?!?!?  YES….WEIRDO!425649_10150713831983628_422521790_n

In college I was fortunate to endure dorm life and sorority life with a fellow Shorthorn girl who at the time was serving as the National Lassie Queen. I can remember several “agriculture learning moments” taking place in our room and in the Delta Zeta kitchen. “You guys are going where, to do WHAT?” I am sure when she was rocking her Lassie Plaid and I was covered in glue, paint and cow shit when we returned in the wee hours of the night several muttered under their breath…WEIRDOs.

And since graduating college my weirdo status has followed me around. I can vividly remember the reaction of my former employer when I was watching a calf being born on the barn cams on the app on my phone and telling her that cows eat their afterbirth…HAHA..I still laugh at her reaction today! People are blown away when I tell them about what my weekend job is and how much harder my weekend job is than my real job! The hubby and I load up every Friday night and head to Adcock Land and Livestock or Moore Shorthorns, where the weekend list are long and the hours in the day seem short. It’s not a social gathering, its a there is too much to do and not enough people to do it. Since both of our families have livestock and grain farm vacations are slim to none and something always needs to be done. I am sure I get weird stares when I take random one or two day vacations and still have glue or paint on my fingers when I return the next day, or when I am checking the barn camera all day watching for babies, or when I show off new babies from the barn cam, or when I watch a show online during the work day. The list goes on and on….but you know what, call me Weirdo all you want, because I love my weirdo life. I love not being normal!

Yes, it is hard work and yes my family doesn’t get to go on week long vacations out of the country on the beach, but what we are doing we are doing as a family. The long hours we put in we do together and when we have success we all get to share in that success because we all had some part to play in it. The last few winters have been long and dad has said to me several times “sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we didn’t have livestock…I could be on a beach right now you know.” My reply is always the same ” Dad you love the livestock you wouldn’t be happy without them…and you sunburn way to easy to lay on the beach!”


My Little Sister

Through thick and thin we will be sisters until the end- Tomorrow my little (but taller) sissy will graduate from high school. This thought has left me in a confused emotional state. I am so happy and proud of all of her accomplishments as well as the young woman that she has developed in to. I am excited as she prepares for the next chapter in her life and continues to develop as a beautiful, talented and intelligent individual. I am thankful for all the lessons she has taught me along the path of life so far , including but not limited to: how to live and laugh during life, how to tell a joke, dance/cheerleading moves and cheers, alot about sheep, organization, how to cook, how to clean, that I need to save money better like her, and so much more. I appreciate her letting me borrow her shoes, clothes, jewelry, and the many countless other things I have probably taken without asking. But with all the happy thoughts I am mostly filled with sadness…I am not prepared for my little sister to grow up. In reality, I think her growing up makes me realize that I AM GROWING UP! I too will be starting a new chapter in my life in one more year. All I can think about is memories of my sister and I in our childhood and the many laughs we have had together and how I am not ready for those to end. (Sarah I will try my best not to cry tomorrow,but if mom starts crying I will too, you know how we are). I think of all the times Kelsey and I terrorized our poor little Sarah and she did whatever we said because she wanted to fit in. I think of the many times we did talent shows, fashion shows, queen pageants, puppet shows, and so much more. I think of more recent times like killing the Ford truck and smashing dad’s chips, getting stuck in a revolving door, laughing at mom for countless things, chasing around Dr. Pepper in the yard, and I most definitely remember when I used to sneak in the house as soon as we got home and hide in the hallway and scare you. (I did this so much that Sarah refused to come into the house before mom and dad and was scared to walk down the hallway…too funny, I am somewhat sorry). I came across a story I wrote about my little sister when I was going through things in my room. In it I talk about how my sister is the most generous person in the world that I know. She is generous because she gets me kleenexs when I ask for them and shares her Rugrat gum with me. It is hysterical..I will have to share it later..My point is that I knew from the beginning that you were GREAT and even though I always thought I wanted a baby brother I am much happier that I had a sister.  I am also sad that while being away at college I didn’t always get to be there to support my sister in some of her important high school events..and for that I AM SORRY SARAH!!!

No matter where life leads us in the future Sarah, I want you to know that I am always here for you and will always support you! You are the best sister anyone could ask for and I am so proud of your accomplishments! I love you!

Sisters don’t need words.  They have perfected a language of snarls and smiles and frowns and winks – expressions of shocked surprise and incredulity and disbelief.  Sniffs and snorts and gasps and sighs – that can undermine any tale you’re telling.  ~Pam Brown

Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown

Taking Care of My Little Sister


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