Day 21 – Barbed Wire

I don’t like barbed wire. Let me rephrase that, I don’t like working with barbed wire. I always get caught, rip my clothing, or cut myself on it. I know it serves a great purpose on the farm, but I am not graceful enough to be around it. However, I do love things made out of barbed wire and I have actually have barbed wire crosses in my house. Due to my bad reputation with barbed wire and my recent DIY mishap that landed me my first stitches and in the emergency room you won’t see me tackling any of today’s DIY ideas anytime soon, but if someone else wants to make them for me that would be great.


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We are getting a day closer to the end…check out those still blogging 30 Days of Agriculture and come back tomorrow for Day 22 of 30 Days of Farm Related DIY.



Day 2: Don’t Fence Me In

Today we tackle the situation of living with boundaries. In particular a fence around the yard. Being from a place where my yard is classified as anything that ISN’T fenced in for animals I have had quite the time coping with this. I feel like a fish in an aquarium where I want to just swim as fast as I can and just about the time I get going I hit a wall.
This idea of having a limited space for a yard really never registered to me until I too was in the situation. I honestly feel sad for the children that live this way. Our big green spacious unfenced yard allowed us to express ourselves in so many ways. It’s where we had family baseball games, where I learned to pitch and catch, a place to practice gymnastics, unlimited hide and seek spaces, bicycle rides, bug collecting, volleyball nets, sandboxes, swing sets, pageants, and a place to exercise our dogs, sheep and goat. The kids in town will never have these wide open spaces for these activities.
Besides the fact that we are fenced in we are also muted. What I mean by this is that you really never get the opportunity to use your outside voice. If you talk to loud the neighbors will hear it. What’s the point of going outside if you can’t be as loud as you want?? I am constantly getting reminded by my fiancé about the volume of my words.
Now luckily our fence is high enough that our neighbors can not see in, but I have noticed that many others have short or see through fences. What’s the point of the fence if your neighbors can still poke about?

In conclusion I guess I am just like the wild mustang and I don’t want to be caged, I just want to run free with no boundaries. But for now I guess I will have to swim around like a fish in tank until I find away out!