Dear Chipotlies

I started to record a video but I decided my words come out much better and more censored  when I write. So hear it goes.

Dear Chipotlies,

Your latest marketing scheme has left me full of disappointment and rage. I call it a scheme because that is exactly what it is. A marketing ploy full of fictitious information and lies to scare the public into purchasing what you deem as “safe” food products.

As a fourth generation farmer my family has dedicated our entire lives to ensuring the well-being and care of animals and tending to the land to deliver a safe product to our consumers. We do not get to take vacations, sleep in, or days off. Our animals need cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if we are in the middle of a blizzard, a flood or if it is the hottest day of the year. Our priorities lie with the well-being of our animals and ensuring the have fresh water and food, a dry, warm and safe place to reside and free of illnesses. We are so confident in our products being safe that we too consume them and feed them to our family and friends.

Instead of bashing the hand that literally supplies your business with products to make a profit maybe you should take a step back and consult with a farmer before your next advertising campaign. If you keep up your current path of destruction you are going to find yourself out of business because you won’t be able to find a farmer in the United States that wants to supply you with food products.

Your “scarecrow” advertisement shows just how little you know about agriculture and how food comes from the farm to the plate of the consumer. IF food isn’t coming from the farmer where do you want it to come from? Thousands of people go hungry every day due to a shortage of food and instead of finding a way to help with this issue you are trying to make more people go hungry everyday by threatening their food source. This is due to the decrease in the number of farms and the rapidly increasing population. How can farmers produce enough food to feed the world using the same methods that were created 60 years ago? That’s like telling everyone we should go back to writing letters as our major form of communication and get rid of your iphones, wireless internet and email. Are you really that moronic? Along with that obesity is the leading disease in the United States and instead of encouraging people to eat local,fresh produce from the farmers that is actually healthy for them, you are encouraging them to come to Chipotle and eat your over-priced, out of control portion sized, calorie ridden food.

There is no factual information that organic and all-natural is better for human consumption and health. In fact their are LESS standards administered to control safety of food products in products labeled organic or all-natural than those that are not. The USDA and FDA have set high standards to ensure the safest quality product is delivered to the consumers. It is just a method to charge more money for the same product. My great-grandfather consumed lard, ate red meat everyday of his life and lived to almost be 100 years old with little health issues.

Your website is full of hypocritical statements with little to know factual information in them. And then you tell people that you can’t always assure this safe product in your disclaimer line because in some areas it is to hard to find, but you will let your consumers know! This is the biggest line of crap I have ever read. The reason you can’t ensure this product is because you have to pay extra money to find it and you want to advertise having it but actually sell the cheapest product you can find.

I hope you realize you have lost alot of consumers because you have directly threatened the livelihoods of thousands of people. The old saying “think before you speak” could be beneficial for your organization at a time like this. Enjoy your all-natural chicken and let me know when you find a better answer for supplying the world with food than from the farmers.


One Pissed Off Farm Girl

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A Lesson to Carrie Underwood

After reading a post from Beef Magazines, Amanda Radke, my blood got to boiling enough to sit down and write about it myself. When most of you hear the name Carrie Underwood, the first words that come to your mind are blonde, bombshell, country music singer, and maybe even American Idol. However, when I hear the words Carrie Underwood, I grit my teeth and think of the words hypocrite  liar, going against her roots, etc. Why you may ask? Well let me explain…I pause for a moment to tell my family and friends to listen up as their lives depend on it, in a way of speaking.

You see Ms. Underwood is an active supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, otherwise known as HSUS. And contrary to popular belief HSUS in fact is not trying to help save the lives of animals, but in reality is destroying millions of animal shelters each year and is trying to gain power and membership. But that is another story, one that I bet Mrs. Radke would love to talk with you on. Let’s focus on Carrie. Yes,when I talk about Carrie Underwood supporting HSUS and being a vegetarian because she couldn’t possibly hurt animals she loves, I am referring to the same Carrie Underwood who clung to her farm girl, Oklahoma roots during American Idol. Audition video. In the video you see how Carrie portrays herself as just another backwoods farm girl living the dream. Then boom, she gets into fame, changes her look, and its amazing how quickly her story changes. I bet Oklahomans all over are proud of you for trying to ruin the livelihoods of most of the state, where agriculture is a very important industry.

Carrie says no to agriculture, I say no to her.

Carrie says no to agriculture, I say no to her.

So today I would like to give Ms. Underwood “protector of animals” a lesson in beef by-products. Just because you may not be physically eating them doesn’t mean you aren’t contributing to their harvest for other reasons. To start, has anyone ever noticed the amount of leather Ms. Underwood wears? When you search Carrie Underwood leather or wearing leather into Google Images the results are endless. News Flash leather comes from the hide of cattle and other animals. I wonder if Carrie has ever used a band-aid and if so did she realize that sticky part of that band-aid is made from animal fatty acids. And we all know that Underwood uses makeup, shampoo, deodorant, lotions, etc. which all contain animal by-products in them. The list goes on….

I could write for hours about this and rant about Ms. Underwood, but if your taking the time to read this then you have the time to click the links and find out more on your own. I encourage each and everyone of you to join the fight of agvocating and supporting agriculture and join myself and Amanda Radke in shutting Underwood out of our lives. One person can make a change.

On a side note, Carrie will be in Springfield, IL in May for a concert and if anyone happens to have backstage tickets and wants me to help them prepare a line of agriculture to throw into her face and maybe a contract to get her to donate all of her money to 4-H and FFA instead of HSUS I will be glad to help you out.

Playing Barber Shop

Yesterday my fiancé and I played barber shop with one type of haircut… Buzzed. Now relax I did not partake in this and shave my head nor did he rather his families show heifers were our subject. Each year about this time many show calves across the states are sheared out. Shearing is when we basically buzz their hair off leaving about half an inch to an inch. We do this for several reasons. First, the winter coat is too heavy now and they start rubbing and sweating leaving bald spots or scratching themselves. By shearing we get rid of this dead hair and allow them to be cooler which will allow a new coat of hair to grow. Second many parasites and fungus grow and thrive in the sweating dead coat of hair so by shearing the cattle we remove the likelihood of getting these fungus’. If the animal still get one of these you will be able to identify and treat it easier as you can visibly see it. After we were done yesterday the show heifers and replacement heifers were kicking up their heels as felt so good and so much lighter!



The Time is Now!

I have held my tongue long enough but that time has come for me to once again speak out and continue speaking until my face is blue. Since my last post so much has happened to threaten the livelihood of my family and friends.

To start off this threat was a post by an uneducated and uninformed journalist for yahoo that chose to write the some of agriculture’s leading industries were the worst areas to major in.

This was followed by other small threats that lead up to the most recent volcanos eruption. As myself and millions of other people watched the Grammy’s the other night, it wasn’t anything about the awards show that left a lasting impression on me, or the fact the Whitney Houston has passed, it was a commercial that aired during the show that has me out of my wits. As I sat there and this commercial started to unfold I thought who is behind this, what are the portraying and what is going on and why is Willie Nelson singing. And then it hit me as the logo of Chipotle flashed across the screen. If you haven’t seen this commercial I encourage you to watch it, not because what they are depicting is right, but because you need to see what those not related to agriculture believe is right. This commercial has left thousands of Americans thinking that the farmer has shoved all of his animals in a barn, pumped them full of strange chemicals, and shipped them off all over the place while polluting the Earth. If you don’t know that all of these things are wrong then please send me a comment or email and I will explain to you the truth behind these pictures. Instead of Americans be appalled they are PRAISING Chipotle for taking a stand against the American Farmers and their cruelty towards animals. Check out these two blogs that show what is wrong with the commercial: Crystal Cattle, Beltway Beef

Folks related to agriculture, if this doesn’t get your blood boiling then what will. When will you finally find the need to act? When your farm is being taken away from you and everything you have known is now against the law? I just really dont understand why those related to agriculture are so reluctant to take part in advocating the truth. Every single one of you should be sharing how your family takes care of your animals and the environment to everyone who will listen. Whether it is having farm tour at your house, talking to someone on the street, posting a picture on social media, or blogging you should be sharing your story. Instead the vast majority of those related to agriculture sit around think, oh, NCBA and other organizations will handle it, I don’t need to worry about it. WRONG!!!! Do those who support PETA sit back and let someone else handle it? NO.

If you are not a member of all the local and national organizations that you can be a part of that support agriculture shame on you. If you are a beef producer or consumer and have not joined the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) Program, shame on you. These should be effortless things that you should be doing without every thinking twice. The time to sit back and let is pass over is gone. Those organizations against us are way to powerful and have big agendas and a vast amount of supporters. We to have to join our forces and rally together to support all aspects of agriculture.

I hope that any of my friends or family that have any questions about agriculture or have heard something they would like verified would come talk to myself or my family before forming an opinion. The people out there to take us down aren’t even basing there information on factual information anymore. I honestly. don’t know what else to say to motivate someone to want to take action.

If you learn nothing else from this post I hope you will join me in boycotting this celebrities, stores, etc. that are trying to ruin the American Agriculture that we know of:

PETA, HSUS, Carrie Underwood, Willie Nelson, Chipotle, Rick Santorum, and a wide variety of other celebrities. Take a Stand and don’t support them either!


Check out this video by the Ohio Bacon Producers that shows how pork is grown from pasture to plate.

My Life Be Like…One Big Roadtrip

NJAS 2011

Hey everyone,

I am writing to you to assure you that I am still alive, I have been trapped in a tornado of traveling recently and just now have firmly planted my feet on the groud for more than 3 days. I have traveled to seven different states starting from the last week in June until yesterday.

We arrived safely to Pennsylvania where I attended my first National Junior Angus Show. It was a stressful week, but lots of memories were created and new friends were made. I was able to keep it all together and didn’t get shot in the ghetto when my stubborn male counterpart decided to run out of disel. It was a sigh of relief when I was sitting at the banquet (because at this point all the awards were being passed out which meant all of the contest were over and went smoothly) as that was my homestretch. It was wonderful to watch as a close friend and wonderful family won the owned heifer show and two of my closest friends made the top 4 for showmanship. After wearning my Shorthorn jacket through the barn I was quickly furnished with an Angus one..haha I appreciate that Pennsylvania Angus Association for all their help!  Watch Kyle get picked on this video!!!

And Lauren and Ty on this link

After 14 days of fun, Robin and I returned home just long enough for me to do laundry and pack again before heading out. On Thursday I headed to Ames, Iowa for Knowledge Empowers Youth (KEY) with the AJSA. It was a wonderful time and full of fun. We luckily had are largest number of kids yet and I even got to see my little sister; who by the way has been kicking butt on the show road this summer with both cattle and sheep. I am very proud of her. I finally have my feet on the ground for about a week and a half before I head to LEAD, which will be my last Angus event of the summer. I can’t believe that my time with the NJAA is almost complete as well as the summer. What a great time I have had!! When I get myself caught back up I will write some post on some insights I had while on the road.

Need to catch up on sleep….


A Fresh Start Down An Unchosen Path

 As most have seen the 30 Day photo challenge is not my true direction and passion for this blog, so although I am not a quitter it is time to bring this blog to what I had intended for it in the beginning. As I begin to blog about the things in this farmgirls life and start a new route with this blog I find it fitting that my first post also be about a new beginning.

As many may know due to mother nature’s recent dealing of constant precipitation in much of the Midwest and Illinois, farmers around here are continually getting a bit grouchier and grouchier everyday they are not able to go the fields. It’s at times like these I am glad that I am at college as Dad sits in his chair cursing at the evening news and Mom frets about what we are going to do about Sarah’s graduation party if the shed it still stacked full of seed corn and soybeans. But even though my family currently has no a single acre planted we must all count are blessings that we will still be able to farm this year…eventually.

It is with a heavy heart that I read about the farm families in southern IL and MO who were asked to pack up and their belongings, cattle, equipment and move to higher grounds as their land would shortly be under several feet of water. I can’t imagine being in such a situation and I know from a past experience that my dad and grandfather would not be leaving peacefully. Now I realize to some this may just be thought of as land, however to my family and I am sure many alike, that land is our foundation. That land ensured food for my great-grandfather and his family, my grandfather and my family; that land ensured food for our animals in all seasons of the year, that land ensured a paycheck so that things could continue for another day. I can’t imagine moving with no idea of what may happen, and for most I doubt that land will ever be the same. 

I remember one day my “Pa” , as his granddaughters call him, and I were sitting down in the barn talking about the future and what was to become of this farm. Being in a family with all girl’s in my generation was of somewhat concern as we were little, but it was the concern that instilled a passion for agriculture in my sister and I. Back to my story, as Pa and I were talking he said one thing to me that I remember and fulfill to the best of my abilities, he said,”Emily, I realize you most likely aren’t going to come back and farm, but I know you will keep the cows and along with the cows I want you to promise to keep this farm in our families name as it has been for so many years. Your great-grandfather worked hard to get here and I know I can trust you and your sister to keep it.” With this in my head, it almost brings me to tears to think of my self in the situation of those farm families down south, who gave up their land to help save the lives of others. It may be far-fetched for some of you to see it this way…however in my mind I see these families’ as heroes and keep them in my prayers that their fresh start will allow for bright futures and that God will take care of them.

Found this link today, check it out!

Bleeding National Blue and Corn Gold

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been battling bronchitis and finally feel like a human being again. This is the second time bronchitis has entered my lungs. I am beginning to think it feels welcomed however, I am going to have to inform it that we are not friends and my body would appreciate it if it would leave and never come back.

Moving on, many things have happened since my last post. To begin with, the University of Illinois Livestock Judging team and myself traveled to Tyson Packing Plant to practice for the Meat Animal Evaluation Practice Contest in Madison, WI. To say the least it was an eye opening experience. I was able to survive without passing out. I realize I am a cowgirl who has a passion for animals, but the reason I am not becoming a vet is because of 3 of my four biggest fears. BLOOD, NEEDLES, and PAIN. After spending a day in a large meat cooler with freshly harvested beef carcasses around me, I appreciated the people around me for what they do everyday. Working in Tyson is not something that I could wake up every morning and go do, and for the people that do I applaud and I enjoy the products they make available for me and thousands of others.


Tyson Beef

Moving on beyond that, the real point behind this post is to celebrate NATIONAL FFA WEEK. It’s the week to bleed National Blue and Corn Gold. I recently saw that some our celebrating this by posting their Facebook status as “FFA members and former FFA members, unite! Find a photo of yourself in your FFA jacket and post it as your profile photo. Leave it up for National FFA Week. Make this your status. Let’s turn Facebook NATIONAL BLUE!” and then changing their profile picture to a picture of them in FFA. Make sure you join the cause and do this!

The National FFA Organization is a wonderful organization that helps thousands of young adults mold into respectable individuals. It helps develop key skills that young adults will use the rest of their lives. During FFA, my wonderful advisor, Mr. Tim Reed, helped encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone and participate in things I wouldn’t have done on my own. I also had a wonderful livestock judging coach, Mr. Rodney Knittel, who taught me the basics of livestock judging and as a result I am now on the University of Illinois’ judging team. With the help of my mentors, I was able to receive my greenhand, chapter and state degrees, as well as being in the top ten for the Star Farmer award and being second overall with my beef proficiency record books. I was also able to serve as the Chapter President becoming the 3rd generation from my family to serve as the Southwestern Chapter FFA President. Lucky for me, my sister followed in my footsteps in that area. I was also able to serve as the Section 15 Vice President. FFA taught me about being a leader, public speaking skills, team building skills and how to have a successful team. I also learned organizational skills, responsibility and good record keeping. In reality, I could probably go on all day long with the things I learned from FFA.

Most importantly though, I got to participate in many wonderful contest and activities and meet the most amazing people who have become some of my lifelong friends. I want to take the time to thank Mr. Reed and Mr. Knittel for helping me become a successful individual.

judging team

Southwestern FFA Livestock Judging Team

Seniors 2008

Little Sissy n Me at my Senior Year FFA Banquet