Day 2- Mini Pallet Project

So I realize it’s only day 2 and I am already doing a pallet, but I actually made this project and so I want to share it with all of you. I found this small “pallet” at the our farm just leaning against a pole in the machine shop and my eyes lit up!! I asked Big Ron if I could have it and he said I could so my brain began to fill up with ideas. I think that some piece of equipment that was ordered was delivered on it as I haven’t yet located another one.

Before - After of my mini pallet project.

Before – After of my mini pallet project.

I started by power washing it and cleaning it off. Once that was done I used dannish oil and a cloth is stain it and make it have a darker finish. I went all over looking for pumpkin stencils and finding none I resorted to making my own, so although they are not perfect they don’t look to shabby. I also bought stencil letters. I spray used spray paint for everything on the pallet. I sealed it with an outdoor sealer and stapled the fall garland to the pallet. TA-DA a pretty cool piece of fall decor for my front door. Now I am searching for one to use for Christmas!

Stay tuned for more 30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects!

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Day 5 – Does the Outside Match the Inside?

When the boy and I began looking at houses we paid careful attention to the neighborhoods and what they looked like. We wanted somewhere we felt safe, looked nice, and the houses were¬†up kept. At the time we weren’t thinking about what that meant for us (at least I wasn’t) on how we had to keep the outside of our house looking.

We moved in right as the drought of 2012 had taken over, our yard was brown, some of the plants were dead, and ivy had taken over the front yard flower beds. The bushes needed a good trimming and the mailbox was missing a flag. Since we have moved in we have spent many weekends away from home helping both of our parents at our family farms. Therefore, we usually only reserve Sunday afternoon to tending to the outside of our house. At this time the yard has greened back up and the boy keeps it nicely mowed and I do the string trimming around the edges. The ivy has been controlled with much of it removed, but I see a never ending battle in our near future. The dead plants have been removed and we have a new mailbox. The bushes still need some work but we have all next spring to landscape.

As fall arrived our neighborhood turned into a beautiful landscape of fall colors, as neighbors planted mums and other plants in their yards and around their mailboxes.

Mum decorations.

All fall I thought to myself that I too would get into this holiday spirit, but it never happened. I would drive or walk by these houses and aww at the beauty of their blooms. And that is about the time I started thinking…Do people judge what’s on the inside of your house, just by looking at the outside?

I guess that answer would be yes, as we are humans and we seem to have an issue with judging a book by its cover. I began looking at the outside of our house and wondering what people would think. I am sure they say it could use a bit more color or a bit more love, but if you came on the inside you would see a spotless and neat the boy keeps it. Do you get a grace period of being judge while your in transition? I imagine not, as when we judge others we don’t take the time to hear their story or listen to what some may say is an excuse. Instead we take one glance form an impression and move on.

So I have set a new goal for myself…when the winter is over and the green starts to come back and the flowers start to bloom, it is time to beautify the front of our house. I don’t want to be known as the “ugly house on the block”, but I also need to remind myself not to jump to conclusions.

I don’t want these guys to come knocking at my door.

I don’t know the story of the houses that are not decorated as fancy or more importantly the people that don’t look like I think they should. There is only one person who is allowed to judge us and his judgement is the only one that matters. He takes the time to listen and doesn’t jump to conclusions.