But Your Legacy Lives On

I hadn’t wrote in a while but a few weeks ago I wrote a poem about some stuff that had been heavy on my heart and sent to a friend that I thought needed some inspiration. This week my heart is heavy again so today I wrote one in memory of that friend’s husband and all of his family & friends. So I am sharing with all of you, hoping it might help you too.

P.S. The blog is under construction so please ignore the major chaos that it is.

But Your Legacy Lives On

Unspoken words
are heavy on our minds
But Your Legacy Is Strong
Memories, memories, memories,
floating in our minds,
spewing from our mouths
But Your Legacy Lives On
Tears of sadness,
tears of joy,
for you have peace,
and can rest from your fight
But Your Legacy Is Strong
Ultimate fighter
doesn’t begin to describe
the battle you faced
with a smile at all times
But Your Legacy Lives On
Greener pastures
champion banners
and red, white and roan
500 bushel corn
and long tractor drives
I am sure that’s what God has for you now
But Your Legacy Is Strong
Watch over us daily
help us be more like you
a loving father, husband, brother, and friend
a fighter till the end
loyal and true
strong and caring
a Christian man
But Your Legacy Lives On
Rest Easy My Dear Friend – E. Adcock