Day 7- The Delivery

Living out in the country we were not able to get some of the finer things or services in life. Like wireless internet (until about 7 years ago). However, now that we can finally indulge in these amazing things. One of these special services is none other than delivery service. In particularly, food delivery. (In case you don’t know me very well, I LOVE food and I am always worried about what my next meal will be).

Where the boy and I grew up we either lived to far from any delivery service or our towns were so small they didn’t offer delivery service. In my house when we wanted a pizza my parents handmade one for us. Basically when we wanted any sort of food mom or dad started cooking. Yes, that’s right folks Big Ron can cook. Actually both of my parents are great cooks.

English: A pizza from the oven. Français : Une...

English: A pizza from the oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anywho, after the boy and I had been moved in for awhile I decided it was time we took advantage of this luxury. We started by ordering a pizza and having it delivered. It was delicious and successful. We then learned that a few other restaurants in town delivered as well. Although, I try to cook most nights for the boy, the idea of having ready made food delivered to your door step is tempting on those nights that I really just don’t feel like cooking.

No wonder America is obese when you can get cheese fries, pizza, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and a wide variety of unhealthy and delicious food delivered to your doorstep. I guess I will have to learn self-control so that the delivery service doesn’t get the best of me.



Day 6- The Garbage Man

So this post is a day late, but it’s better late than never. Yesterday was a bit crazy and I didn’t get chance to post so for all my lucky readers out there, you will get two post today!!! Today we talk about this new city life luxury…garbage service.

Where the boy and I grew up the garbage service was simple. Take it to the makeshift metal garbage can and light it on fire. It was simple, you didn’t have to worry about what was in it or anything. You were able to take it outside and dispose of it whenever it was full. And best of all, it was free.

When we went to the “town hall” building to set up our electric and other services we were handed a sheet to pick out a garbage service. After two weeks of letting garbage pile up in the garage and then gagging as we hauled it to our parents to burn I decided it was time to figure this garbage service out.

Long story short it wasn’t long before we had a large garbage can delivered to the front of our house. So now once a week we collect all of our trash and set it out for the garbage delivery service to come get it.

Garbage service is fine, but I really wish I could just burn my trash. It’s free, I can get rid of it as soon as I have it, and it doesn’t go into a landfill somewhere.

Day 2: Don’t Fence Me In

Today we tackle the situation of living with boundaries. In particular a fence around the yard. Being from a place where my yard is classified as anything that ISN’T fenced in for animals I have had quite the time coping with this. I feel like a fish in an aquarium where I want to just swim as fast as I can and just about the time I get going I hit a wall.
This idea of having a limited space for a yard really never registered to me until I too was in the situation. I honestly feel sad for the children that live this way. Our big green spacious unfenced yard allowed us to express ourselves in so many ways. It’s where we had family baseball games, where I learned to pitch and catch, a place to practice gymnastics, unlimited hide and seek spaces, bicycle rides, bug collecting, volleyball nets, sandboxes, swing sets, pageants, and a place to exercise our dogs, sheep and goat. The kids in town will never have these wide open spaces for these activities.
Besides the fact that we are fenced in we are also muted. What I mean by this is that you really never get the opportunity to use your outside voice. If you talk to loud the neighbors will hear it. What’s the point of going outside if you can’t be as loud as you want?? I am constantly getting reminded by my fiancé about the volume of my words.
Now luckily our fence is high enough that our neighbors can not see in, but I have noticed that many others have short or see through fences. What’s the point of the fence if your neighbors can still poke about?

In conclusion I guess I am just like the wild mustang and I don’t want to be caged, I just want to run free with no boundaries. But for now I guess I will have to swim around like a fish in tank until I find away out!

Farm Kids In the City

To all of my beloved followers and fans out there..thanks for sticking with me. Life has been crazy (I mean seriously when isn’t it) and every time I sit down to type a blog post I never finish it.
But raise the roof in excitement as I have been re-inspired by my dear friend Holly Spangler to saddle back up near my Mac and refriend myself with my blog. So starting Nov. 1 (which seems like it should not be here yet) I will be joining Holly and company on a 30 day blogging journey. My topic?…
Farm Kids Stuck in the City… Or more specifically this country girl trying to fit in to the high society since my fiancé says I’m unrefined. So get excited as I am sure there will be lots of laughs either at my neighbors, myself, or yeah mostly directed at me. Hope you are ready to hear about my life!