Day 5 – Ribbons and Banners

I realize that the majority of farm related households may not have boxes and boxes of ribbons and banners lying around but if your family has been showing cattle for over 60 years , like mine, it becomes a real problem. As a child I saved every ribbon we ever received from the local level all the way up to the national level. As I got older I was more willing to part with ribbons and only save what I deemed the “important ones”. Nevertheless, my family and I have quit the collection. At one point I wanted to make a quilt/bedspread out of these beautiful ribbons, but have since realized I possess little sewing skills and “ain’t nobody got time for that”, so I have been looking for other creative ways to hold on to these precious memories. So below is a a mod podge of ideas I have found, including one that my crafty little sissy made.  **Disclaimer: Some of these require sewing talents way above my knowledge.

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Well, Today I will be heading to Sportsman’s Paradise as my internship takes me the untraveled land in the state of Louisiana. I will be headed to Monroe, LA which is in the northeast corner. I am hoping that I do not run into any alligators as I am not trained to defend off those creatures..KRIKY!!! (or whatever the Crocodile Hunter used to say)

This weekend I will be helping with the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show in West Monroe, LA. Not only is this the FIRST time I will be in Louisisana this will be my first time attending this show. I am very excited for the adventure and meeting many new Angus breeders and juniors. Hopefully, I will have some exciting photos to share upon my return.  I will be assisting witht he show and showmaship contest. I also will have the honor to attend the Queen’s Brunch tomorrow, lookout this girl will be in a dress and heels at a cattle function. Nervous about my flights, but highly excited for the weekend.

West Monroe, LA

In other news, yesterday I achieved a moral victory at the office. American Angus Association CEO, Bryce Schumann, and I like to give each other a hard time. From time to time Bryce returns to the office with a cup of ice cream. Since the first time, I have been giving him a hard time about when he was going to bring me ice cream. Yesterday, to my disbelief, he came in after lunch and told me at three o’ clock I was to go get ice cream. He would finance the trip if I did the leg work. Being so proud of myself, I agreed to this and at three o’ clock the adminstrative assistants and I enjoyed some delicious ice cream. When I brought him back change, he told me tha I was the first woman who had ever brought him change, I quickly smiled and said, ” I learned along time ago that if you bring back change, you get more money the next time you ask.”  Needless to say, he was speechless and just laughed. I really expected it would be July before I got my ice cream, so now that he caved so fast, I am going to have to think of a new goal and gain a little more than a cup of ice cream! haha