It’s That Time of the Year

"Clifford", bull, calf

Clifford the Little Red Bull 2

What time is that you may ask? IT’s calving season!!! One of my favorite times of the year, partially because I am the one at school and not losing hours and hours of sleep, but seriously, I love see all the new show prospects and herd builders born every year. So far, we have had around 20 calves with 5 of them being white calves (which is the most we have had in a long time). This calving season is also particularly exciting because we are having the first calves out of our new bull from Canada…Muridale Bonanza. It will be exciting to watch his progeny grow and to see what they will offer to our herd. ¬†We are also having the first calves out of some A.I. sires we used including: Ace of Diamonds and Captain Obvious. I was lucky enough to get to go home for 24 hours last weekend to see the babies we had and get to take some photos so I will attach those below. However, we have just began our calving season and still have a long ways to go… I hope it continues to go well for my family..

I should also include the story of Clifford the Little Red Bull 2. Last summer, we had this little red bull calf that my younger cousin, Cole, began to love. He was very gentle and as a result became named Clifford the Little Red Bull. However, my uncle did not name the bull calf that when he registered him which made his grandson very angry. Cole helped with Clifford all summer at the shows and Clifford became the “family pet”. His easy going mannerism made him an automatic favorite of the bulls in our show string. At the end of the fall Clifford was sold to a couple in Illinois to become their new herdsire. Upon hearing about this Cole became very upset and as a result he made Uncle Big Ron and Grandpa Tom to promise him the next little red bull calf could be named Clifford. Well it just so turned out that the next little red bull calf was Clifford half brother. Cole is very excited about Clifford the Little Red Bull so it was only appropriate to get some pictures of him. He is already fairly lovable and I imagine he will follow his brothers footsteps nicely. Prepare to hear more about Clifford the Little Red Bull.


Cole, owner of Clifford

"Muridale Bonanza", bull, calf

First calf out of new herdsire, Muridale Bonanza