Day 8 – Springs and Things

As mentioned before sometimes we accumulate some piles of what I deem “junk” on the farm. Usually comprising of rusted metal objects that have worn and were changed out. From hay tines, to springs and everything in between. I have always tried to find away to repurpose these “rusted treasures” but try as I might never really came up with much. That is until I found these cute ideas. I never would have thought about cleaning and repurposing rusty, greasing things to make them napkin ring holders and candle holders! I think I may have to go “junk” pile diving tomorrow! What are your thoughts?

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Napkin holders out of springs and much more. Click on the picture to get to the etsy site with even more ideas!

Napkin holders out of springs and much more. Click on the picture to get to the etsy site with even more ideas!



Day 7 – The Garden Hose

In the 23 years of my life, my family has went through alot of garden hoses. Between me running over them while mowing the yard (yes, I admitted it), to washing cattle, to watering gardens and even providing water to our livestock, hoses are abundant on our farm. However, when they break beyond repair (oh, yes we have to repair them a few times before they are deemed unusable) they are discarded into the trash and no longer seem to hold a purpose on our farm. That is until today!!! Have you ever considered decorating with a garden hose? I know for a fact I hadn’t, until I saw these unique ideas for using a garden hose. I think these two ideas are something I may have to try myself! Could be great summer house warming gifts as well. Let me know what you think.

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I love this idea for making a garden hose into a floor mat.

I love this idea for making a garden hose into a floor mat.

This is adorable for spring time on the front door!

This is adorable for spring time on the front door!

Day 6- Pallets, So Easy Even My Husband Could Do It????

I know I said I would try not to do pallets too often, but today you are getting pallets. Today pallet projects are unique though at least I hope they are. Many times I see something someone has made with pallets and the following thoughts cross my head: that is awesome, I don’t have time to do that, I don’t have the tools to do that, my husband won’t help me, I will probably cut my fingers/hand off while attempting this project. After reality sinks in I start looking for something else to dream about. However, the pallet projects I am sharing with you today APPEAR to require little if any disassembly of the original pallet and easy enough for anyone to take one. Disclaimer* I said appear, I have not tried any of these to date.

So below you will find the four pallet projects I think would be so easy that even my non-artsy, non-crafting husband could do it: Enjoy!

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Day 5 – Ribbons and Banners

I realize that the majority of farm related households may not have boxes and boxes of ribbons and banners lying around but if your family has been showing cattle for over 60 years , like mine, it becomes a real problem. As a child I saved every ribbon we ever received from the local level all the way up to the national level. As I got older I was more willing to part with ribbons and only save what I deemed the “important ones”. Nevertheless, my family and I have quit the collection. At one point I wanted to make a quilt/bedspread out of these beautiful ribbons, but have since realized I possess little sewing skills and “ain’t nobody got time for that”, so I have been looking for other creative ways to hold on to these precious memories. So below is a a mod podge of ideas I have found, including one that my crafty little sissy made.  **Disclaimer: Some of these require sewing talents way above my knowledge.

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Day 4 – Milk Cans and MooChews

As promised day 4 of 30 Days of Farm Related DIY is dedicated to all of my dairy farmers out there, although others may have some of these around their farms as well. The first craft revolves around the milk can. Although these are large and sometimes can take up a lot of space they can also make a beautiful focus point in a room. Remove the lid, arrange with sunflowers, lighted branches, and other foliage, tie a ribbon around it and wah-la! If you have issues getting the lid off I have been told google provides some great solutions revolving around WD-40 for removal. If you don’t know what WD-40 is ask you husband or local farm friends!

This is one my mother-in-law made.

This is one my mother-in-law made.



The other awesome DIY project for today is going to leave a lot of dairy producers wishing they would have thought of this genius idea for up-cycling. Have you ever wondered what to do with old inflations once they are no longer in use? For you non-farmers, inflations are the rubber tubes that attach to cows’ teats when the cow is being milked. Inflations are only used for a short period of time to ensure milk quality and for the safety of the cow. Most likely these are just tossed into the trash once used, but the inventors of MooChews saw the perfect opportunity to up-cycle these old inflations to create the perfect dog toys. Don’t worry the inflations are properly sanitized before the transformation to dog toy happens but according to the creators of MooChews that dairy farm smell makes them even more desirable to dogs. To learn more or to find out about donating your used inflations check out the MooChews website.

One of the MooChew tugs made out of used inflations.

One of the MooChew tugs made out of used inflations.

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Day 3 – Funnels

Running a little behind with today’s post, but late is better than never. Today’s DIY revolves around funnels. Now if you farm is anything like ours, we have funnels everywhere in all shapes and sizes. That being said most of them are covered in oil, grease, or smell like gas and other various substances that have been ran through them. So before I would jump on doing any of these projects I would be giving our funnels a thorough cleaning!!

Funnel Christmas Tree. Find out more by clicking on the photo!

Funnel Christmas Tree. Find out more by clicking on the photo!

Rusty funnel tree.

Rusty funnel tree.

Our first funnel DIY gets you prepared for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Introducing the funnel Christmas Tree. I find this to be adorable, yet something I never would have thought to do!

Another option with funnels, is more geared to outside your home and during the spring and summer months. Have you ever considered using a funnel as a pot for plants? If you answered no, then you and I had the same answer, however someone else did and I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I assume they put something across the hole to keep the soil in, but still allows that water to drain through. I think I may be going on a search for funnels this winter to hang from shepard’s hooks next spring. (See photos below)

The last Funnel DIY for the is for someone who wants to look farm chic all year long. Perfect for in the kitchen or over a dining room table. What am I talking about? FUNNEL LIGHTS!!!! If you don’t have a green thumb, but have a way with electricity turn your funnels into lights for home.funnel light

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I really like how they used old chains on this one as well. Great to replace an old tree swing or an empty spot in a yard

I really like how they used old chains on this one as well. Great to replace an old tree swing or an empty spot in a yard

Funnel "hanging basket" planters.

Funnel “hanging basket” planters.

Day 1- The Grain Bin

To kick off the 30 Days of Farm -Related DIY, we start with what may be one of the biggest things located on your families farm. The Grain-Bin, also known as a silo, is the location on the farm where grain (usually corn or soybeans) is stored until sold. Sometimes, the grain is also put in the bins to be dryed if it is too wet at harvest.

So, what can you do with a grain bin you ask..Well prepared to be amazed.

The first , and more reasonable, DIY upscale project is grain bin chairs. How cool would this look on a front porch or hanging

Rock the night away in this silo chair.

Rock the night away in this silo chair.

from a tree in place of a hammock! Watch the sunset or sunrise from the inside of the grain bin. There were no instructions included with this picture so sorry about that! Best of luck!

If that didn’t blow your mind, then the next idea surely will. Have you ever considered living in a grain bin???

You might not have before but after looking at the cute grain bin houses below you may change your mind! I can only imagine what the inside of these houses might possibly look like. I can see staircases leading to rooms and a window in the very top that allows you to see the countryside for miles.

Stay tuned for more. Also don’t forget to check out others 30 Days related to agriculture bloggers!

Small grain bin home

Small grain bin home

Large Grain Bin Home

Large Grain Bin Home

30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects

Welp, I am dusting of the blog again this year to join Holly Spangler and company in the 30 Days of posting. Hopefully, I can make it all the way through this year as last year I fell off about Louisville time.

My topic this year: 30 Days of Farm Related DIY Projects. Hopefully, this will inspire you in some way. I am not guaranteeing that all of these projects will be easy and I am not going to making them along the way. Instead I will be sharing ideas and showing ways to upscale common items found on the farm. I love DIY and I love it even more when it is something that was once a part of a farming operation. My dad always said one mans trash is another mans treasure whenever mom or I made him pick up around the farm to get ready for big events. We always questioned why he kept these old broken things that we would never use again, now I wish I wouldn’t have thrown some of it away.

I know that pallet projects are HUGE right now, but I plan to go beyond the pallet and show other ideas. So start collecting your farm “treasures”get your hubby on board and let’s see what we can create. If you have made something in the past that you would like me to highlight please send it my way!!!!!

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Dear Chipotlies

I started to record a video but I decided my words come out much better and more censored  when I write. So hear it goes.

Dear Chipotlies,

Your latest marketing scheme has left me full of disappointment and rage. I call it a scheme because that is exactly what it is. A marketing ploy full of fictitious information and lies to scare the public into purchasing what you deem as “safe” food products.

As a fourth generation farmer my family has dedicated our entire lives to ensuring the well-being and care of animals and tending to the land to deliver a safe product to our consumers. We do not get to take vacations, sleep in, or days off. Our animals need cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if we are in the middle of a blizzard, a flood or if it is the hottest day of the year. Our priorities lie with the well-being of our animals and ensuring the have fresh water and food, a dry, warm and safe place to reside and free of illnesses. We are so confident in our products being safe that we too consume them and feed them to our family and friends.

Instead of bashing the hand that literally supplies your business with products to make a profit maybe you should take a step back and consult with a farmer before your next advertising campaign. If you keep up your current path of destruction you are going to find yourself out of business because you won’t be able to find a farmer in the United States that wants to supply you with food products.

Your “scarecrow” advertisement shows just how little you know about agriculture and how food comes from the farm to the plate of the consumer. IF food isn’t coming from the farmer where do you want it to come from? Thousands of people go hungry every day due to a shortage of food and instead of finding a way to help with this issue you are trying to make more people go hungry everyday by threatening their food source. This is due to the decrease in the number of farms and the rapidly increasing population. How can farmers produce enough food to feed the world using the same methods that were created 60 years ago? That’s like telling everyone we should go back to writing letters as our major form of communication and get rid of your iphones, wireless internet and email. Are you really that moronic? Along with that obesity is the leading disease in the United States and instead of encouraging people to eat local,fresh produce from the farmers that is actually healthy for them, you are encouraging them to come to Chipotle and eat your over-priced, out of control portion sized, calorie ridden food.

There is no factual information that organic and all-natural is better for human consumption and health. In fact their are LESS standards administered to control safety of food products in products labeled organic or all-natural than those that are not. The USDA and FDA have set high standards to ensure the safest quality product is delivered to the consumers. It is just a method to charge more money for the same product. My great-grandfather consumed lard, ate red meat everyday of his life and lived to almost be 100 years old with little health issues.

Your website is full of hypocritical statements with little to know factual information in them. And then you tell people that you can’t always assure this safe product in your disclaimer line because in some areas it is to hard to find, but you will let your consumers know! This is the biggest line of crap I have ever read. The reason you can’t ensure this product is because you have to pay extra money to find it and you want to advertise having it but actually sell the cheapest product you can find.

I hope you realize you have lost alot of consumers because you have directly threatened the livelihoods of thousands of people. The old saying “think before you speak” could be beneficial for your organization at a time like this. Enjoy your all-natural chicken and let me know when you find a better answer for supplying the world with food than from the farmers.


One Pissed Off Farm Girl

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Till We Meet Again

As I jumped up in the truck on Saturday morning to help my dad do chores, I was a little taken a back when he suddenly said, “Well you can tell your getting older and getting some age on you.” Kinda puzzled by this comment I replied, ” What do you mean dad?”. He said, “Well your show heifers are starting to show some age around here.” As we pulled into the farm that we keep cows that need extra feed before going to market I realized the reasons for his comments. In the pen were two of my show heifers from when I was about 13 years old. It was pretty obvious that their best days were behind them.

One of the heifers in the "pen" is Luella who was featured on the cover of Prairie Farmer when I was 13 and wrote about my experience at the IL State Fair.

One of the heifers in the “pen” is Luella who was featured on the cover of Prairie Farmer when I was 13 and wrote about my experience at the IL State Fair.

No matter how old I get, losing a show heifer or a favorite animal will never get any easier for me. It is just something about that special bond between a person and their livestock that grips my heart strings in a special way. The countless hours in the barn getting ready, standing in the chute and make-up ring, and then the time in ring just makes the bond grow and grow. The heifer develops a trust in you to care for her, and lead her into the right direction. In turn she listen and obeys what you want her to do while in the ring. Now, I am not going to lie there a few heifers I have shown who have tried my patience and their extra personality was by no means appreciated and may have gotten a few come to Jesus meetings, but in the end we had an unbreakable bond between us. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the circle of life and how things work, but it still leaves a little mark on my heart.

Another one of these show heifers was Pearl, who was in all of my senior pictures and is the only cow/calf pair my dad ever allowed me to exhibit as a junior.

Another one of these show heifers was Pearl, who was in all of my senior pictures and is the only cow/calf pair my dad ever allowed me to exhibit as a junior.

Some may say it is just because I am a sissy girl, but it has nothing to do with it. Rather, it is how much we care for our animals. They are a part of our family like a dog or cat might be in yours. We care for them 365 days a year, 24/7 and because of that they become pets. Each one has a different personality. I was just a lucky girl to have over 200 pets at any given time. You will notice my dad didn’t want to out right tell me the unfortunate news about my show heifers because he too hates to see them go. Especially when it is a herd bull that was a past show bull. That’s my daddy’s favorite thing to show is yearling and two year old bulls and the hardest for him to let go.

But enough of my sob story. My girls have lived a long life, and I get by hoping there is show heifer/cow heaven. So here is to my show heifers past and those soon to pass a tribute to each of you.