To Hear or To Listen…There is a Difference

It is without a doubt that once a week my husband and I go through the following conversation: Me: Did you hear me?, Husband: Yes, Me: Are you listening to me?, Husband: I said I heard you.  And that is where the difference lies, hearing what is said and actually listening to what is said. Recently, a series of unfortunate, tragic, and heart breaking events has taken place all around me and like many of you I have “heard” the following phrases: Life is Too Short, Don’t Take It For Granted, Tell Your Loved Ones You Love, Count Your Blessings, Thank God for What you have. In that moment, I think to myself yes, yes I have to do this and I might even take the time to say a prayer to God and ask him to watch over those that need him and thank him for all I have, but am I actually LISTENING to the signs he put in front of me. I am actually following through with his message and practicing this for more than 24 hours. I think the real struggle for me is that until you are put into this life altering experience you don’t understand the multitude and severity of it. However, I am going to challenge myself to LISTEN to the signs God has sent me and try to be an advocate of these messages, I hope that you too will open your ears and hearts to his message and remember to live, love and laugh in every moment you are given breath.

As a last request I would ask all of my friends and followers to add the following four people to your prayer list for the months to come.

1.) The Family of Nick Reimann- Although I did not personally know him, from what I can see from my friends on Facebook he was a young man who touched many lives and was loved wherever he went, a great cattleman, father and husband. His two beautiful young children and wife need your prayers and support to help them through this challenging time. I only hope that when I leave this Earth people think so highly of me.

2.) Brenhem and Berwick Bloomberg– Many of you have heard their story, but these micro-premies have a long road ahead of them.Please send prayers for comfort and joys to their parents for the journey ahead.

3.) Lesley Willis – Lesley is the mother of sweet little Ashton Willis, who earned a spot in my heart during my time as an AJSA Board member. This little girl’s passion for the Shorthorn breed inspired me and reminded me why I wanted to wear the red coat. Lesley is battling cancer for the second time and everytime a step forward is taken it seems two or three steps backward are taken. It breaks my heart to see this happen. Please send prayers for healing and hope for this family. The link will take you to a page for donations if you would like to help this family out.

4.) Tucker Brown- Last but not least my little buddy Tucker. At two years old Tucker has already exceeded expectations,born with CHD Tucker has been fighting for his life since the day he was born and will continue. I met the Brown family when I took my position with the American Lung Association in Illinois and I have been inspired ever since. From a small farming community in Illinois, The Brown Family has been the largest fundraising team for

My little buddy, Tucker.

My little buddy, Tucker.

the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb the past two years and has a community to back them. They have inspired individuals all over and have truly shown them what a blessing it is to do something so simple as breathing. On Thurs the 1st Tucker goes to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for echo, EKG, chest X-ray and preop appt with anesthesia. The next day, Friday May 2nd he has a cath procedure to balloon his Pulmonary Arteries (hopefully no stents) and a bronchoscopy to check out the compression of his left bronch by his aortic arch. If all goes well he will be home Saturday.
Tucker could use a lot of prayers Friday morning during his procedure. His heart has a history of not liking Cardiac catheterization. Any prayers for Tucker and the Brown family would be greatly appreciated. 




Day 27 – Better Late Than Never

Sorry to all of my faithful followers that I am a few days behind in my blogging. Due to some unreliable internet during our Thanksgiving trophyshadowholiday travels I have gotten a bit behind. But, as the saying goes it is better late than never so here it goes.  Today for post number one we are taking about trophies and using them in DIY. Back when I first started showing we received trophies all of the time, especially in 4-H and as much as I love those trophies and the accomplishments they represent I no longer have space to display them. So the first idea I came up with was to pull the engraved plates off of my trophies and put them into a shadow box. A late night trip to the emergency room later  and a few days later I came up with this cute little piece for our home. (Disclaimer: Maybe wear thick gloves when you take the engraved plates off the trophies or find a better way than using a butter knife 🙂 )

After I made my shadow box I saved some of the tops of my trophies to make a coat rack like you will see below. Since I have shown and won awards for 5 different types of livestock (cow,pig, sheep, goat, and horse) I saved one of each type and plan to put it in a farm themed nursey or room later down the road. I then donated all the rest of my plateless trophies back to my local extension office to be re-used for awards in the future. Since then I have found some more great ideas to do with trophies besides collecting dust on my shelves and on top of the entertainment center.

Almost to the end!! 30 Days of Agriculture and 30 Days of Farm Related DIY.

Day 26 – Feed Sack

Feed sacks have gone through many different phases. Starting out as cloth based that was turned into clothing and curtains and things for your home, to becoming a more woven material, to now more likely being made of a paper based or plastic like product. Some had vibrant colors and patterns carefully put into them, now covered with logos, instructions and ingredients. I know at our farms feedsacks have been piling up for years, so if you happen to be crafty with current days feedsacks or stumble across some of the original cloth based ones, check out the Farm Related DIY projects below. Only four days left of 30 Days of Agriculture. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see MY FAVORITE DIY item and projects yet!!! Be sure to check out my pinterest board to find instructions or more information on all DIY projects and photos used on these posts.


Day 25 – Perfect Transformation

I can slightly remember from my first years of showing dad bringing a “feedbox”, feed shovel, and feed scoop so that he could hand mix the feed while we were exhibiting cattle at a show. Luckily, we no longer have to pack those added items and we use the dump and eyeball method. However, I do still see feed scoops around today while at the shows. Most of them now though are pretty bright colors and are made of plastic and would not work for today’s DIY ideas. But, if you are lucky enough to come across some old school or metal feed scoops “scoop” them up to make these really cool lighted wall scones. Perfect for any country themed home. These may be an essential in my future home!

We only have 5 days left of 30 Days of Agriculture and 5 more days of Farm – Related DIY so don’t miss out!

feedscoop2 feedscoop

Day 23 – Climbing to the Moon

In honor of being a part of the 12 Hour World Record Climb Attempt today at the Hilton Springfield today’s DIY is centered around ladders. By the way this was by far one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced as when he finishes today he will have climbed Mt. Everest at least one and a half times. AMAZING!!!!

Check them out…..

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30 Days of Agriculture

30 Days of Farm Related DIY

Day 22 – Stop Digging!

My close family and friends know that I am good at digging holes. Not literally but figuratively. I have always been a dreamer and someone who wants to do it all and take on the world. Due to this sometimes I find myself in a deep hole that I am not always sure I can get out of but I usually do. I blame my mother for this because she too takes on more than she should at times because she has a good heart and likes to help people in need. Unlike her I have learned a powerful word, NO, I just sometimes let me dreams take over my reality. Anyways, enough about me, back to the DIY, today’s blog is centered around none other than the shovel. Yes, I said shovels! Check out these really cool DIY projects below. We have almost made it to the end, don’t stop checking out the blog yet, I have saved the best for last!!! And be sure to hang in there with others blogging 30 Days of Agriculture.


Day 21 – Barbed Wire

I don’t like barbed wire. Let me rephrase that, I don’t like working with barbed wire. I always get caught, rip my clothing, or cut myself on it. I know it serves a great purpose on the farm, but I am not graceful enough to be around it. However, I do love things made out of barbed wire and I have actually have barbed wire crosses in my house. Due to my bad reputation with barbed wire and my recent DIY mishap that landed me my first stitches and in the emergency room you won’t see me tackling any of today’s DIY ideas anytime soon, but if someone else wants to make them for me that would be great.


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We are getting a day closer to the end…check out those still blogging 30 Days of Agriculture and come back tomorrow for Day 22 of 30 Days of Farm Related DIY.


Day 20 – Feeling Like the Tin Man

My mother’s favorite movie is “The Wizard of Oz” and although it is not my favorite, I can recall most of the movie from memory due to watching it some many time and my mother reciting it to me. If you recall the movie when the Tin Man was discovered he had to be oiled before he could move. Today’s DIY revolves around oil cans. Have you ever considered decorating an oil can and putting it in your house? Today’s projects consist of locating an old oil can, cleaning it, painting it, and adding a few modifications to turn it into a cute little picture holder. See the three examples below and check out my Pinterest board for links.

30 Days of Agriculture

30 Days of Farm Related DIY