20 Things I Wish I Would Have Known in my Twenties

This poor little blog/website project has been so neglected. I have a million story starters wrote on various shapes and sizes of paper littering my office. It’s time to take action. It’s time to get these words out of my heart and head and into the world.

As I am ending the tenure of life known as your twenties, I have been doing a lot of reflecting on how hard this season of life was and how unprepared I was to face it. Don’t get me wrong, I am strong-willed, confident, farm girl who was raised on rural Midwest Christian values, but damn that didn’t always seem like enough.

My twenties in a nut-shell included a roller coaster of experiences, emotions, people, careers and even locations. I got married in my twenties, I experienced pregnancy loss 5 times over in this season, I had 4 different career moves, opened my own business, then another business and we moved 3 times.

So strap in over the course of what may be a few months or weeks or what have you, as I share 20 Things I Wish I would Have Known In My Twenties. My hope behind this is that someone out there will find the missing piece to their puzzle that makes navigating their twenties just a bit easier. Some of this is lighthearted and fun and some of this is deep and real. I’m being open and honest because that is how I believe everyone in life should be.

Stay tuned for #1!


P.S. Don’t judge the site…just read the words in the blog post. LOL!


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