Day 1- The Grain Bin

To kick off the 30 Days of Farm -Related DIY, we start with what may be one of the biggest things located on your families farm. The Grain-Bin, also known as a silo, is the location on the farm where grain (usually corn or soybeans) is stored until sold. Sometimes, the grain is also put in the bins to be dryed if it is too wet at harvest.

So, what can you do with a grain bin you ask..Well prepared to be amazed.

The first , and more reasonable, DIY upscale project is grain bin chairs. How cool would this look on a front porch or hanging

Rock the night away in this silo chair.

Rock the night away in this silo chair.

from a tree in place of a hammock! Watch the sunset or sunrise from the inside of the grain bin. There were no instructions included with this picture so sorry about that! Best of luck!

If that didn’t blow your mind, then the next idea surely will. Have you ever considered living in a grain bin???

You might not have before but after looking at the cute grain bin houses below you may change your mind! I can only imagine what the inside of these houses might possibly look like. I can see staircases leading to rooms and a window in the very top that allows you to see the countryside for miles.

Stay tuned for more. Also don’t forget to check out others 30 Days related to agriculture bloggers!

Small grain bin home

Small grain bin home

Large Grain Bin Home

Large Grain Bin Home


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