A Lesson to Carrie Underwood

After reading a post from Beef Magazines, Amanda Radke, my blood got to boiling enough to sit down and write about it myself. When most of you hear the name Carrie Underwood, the first words that come to your mind are blonde, bombshell, country music singer, and maybe even American Idol. However, when I hear the words Carrie Underwood, I grit my teeth and think of the words hypocrite  liar, going against her roots, etc. Why you may ask? Well let me explain…I pause for a moment to tell my family and friends to listen up as their lives depend on it, in a way of speaking.

You see Ms. Underwood is an active supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, otherwise known as HSUS. And contrary to popular belief HSUS in fact is not trying to help save the lives of animals, but in reality is destroying millions of animal shelters each year and is trying to gain power and membership. But that is another story, one that I bet Mrs. Radke would love to talk with you on. Let’s focus on Carrie. Yes,when I talk about Carrie Underwood supporting HSUS and being a vegetarian because she couldn’t possibly hurt animals she loves, I am referring to the same Carrie Underwood who clung to her farm girl, Oklahoma roots during American Idol. Audition video. In the video you see how Carrie portrays herself as just another backwoods farm girl living the dream. Then boom, she gets into fame, changes her look, and its amazing how quickly her story changes. I bet Oklahomans all over are proud of you for trying to ruin the livelihoods of most of the state, where agriculture is a very important industry.

Carrie says no to agriculture, I say no to her.

Carrie says no to agriculture, I say no to her.

So today I would like to give Ms. Underwood “protector of animals” a lesson in beef by-products. Just because you may not be physically eating them doesn’t mean you aren’t contributing to their harvest for other reasons. To start, has anyone ever noticed the amount of leather Ms. Underwood wears? When you search Carrie Underwood leather or wearing leather into Google Images the results are endless. News Flash leather comes from the hide of cattle and other animals. I wonder if Carrie has ever used a band-aid and if so did she realize that sticky part of that band-aid is made from animal fatty acids. And we all know that Underwood uses makeup, shampoo, deodorant, lotions, etc. which all contain animal by-products in them. The list goes on….

I could write for hours about this and rant about Ms. Underwood, but if your taking the time to read this then you have the time to click the links and find out more on your own. I encourage each and everyone of you to join the fight of agvocating and supporting agriculture and join myself and Amanda Radke in shutting Underwood out of our lives. One person can make a change.

On a side note, Carrie will be in Springfield, IL in May for a concert and if anyone happens to have backstage tickets and wants me to help them prepare a line of agriculture to throw into her face and maybe a contract to get her to donate all of her money to 4-H and FFA instead of HSUS I will be glad to help you out.


11 thoughts on “A Lesson to Carrie Underwood

  1. Fred Miller says:

    Emily, all I can say is that you are an envious, petty moron with nothing better to do than drive somebody who has worked hard to become successful into the ground. With that being said, I’m going to take my .22 outside and shoot a couple of rabbits to make stew, and have a nice sirloin steak for dinner.

  2. Mary says:

    Oh, haha, I thought you were going to point out the hypocrisy of her singing Christian songs that are being played on Christian radio and all the while singing songs like “Last Name” and “Before he Cheats”.

  3. Lilly says:

    That was a pointless blog…. I agree with JC. Also this seems like one of the blogs where you say how much of country girl you are but you are really just full of yourselve! That is my opinion.

  4. Kaitlin says:

    Dear whoever you are, how do you know if Carrie wears real leather or not? And vegitarian means they do not EAT meat! I’m sure at some point in your life you have used a bandaid or washed you hair with shampoo and conditioner and so has she. Maybe Carrie doesn’t even know about these things? Or maybe she does… how the hell do you know what kind of shampoo she uses, or maybe she uses a special kind of bandaid. I don’t know and I will probably never know and neither will you. So shut up with your opinion and find out what she actually uses before going against her. Ask her yourself and then come back and right another article.


  5. Shirley Little Wheeler says:

    Carrie is the most selfless person I know. on a % of income she gives more then anyone. (Look That up) now if you do what you say you will be taking away from children. Are You a Taylor Swift fan if so that explains it all

  6. A-Girl says:

    How dare you say them things. First off what is she going to do every body uses soap and makeup. At least soap. Also she supports an animale foundition and gives big cheaks to them i bet you don’t even support you. So you can make your reveloution whatever but you won’t win. Team Carebear 😄😄

  7. JC says:

    This is ridiculous. Opinions change as a person grows. Its almost impossible to tell the difference between genuine leather and the faux leather products that are being produced now, especially through shady paparazzi photography. Similarly, do you expect a country star to stop using make up, shampoo, and deodorant?! I would be hard pressed to find any reasonable person who would sacrifice their personal hygiene for the sake of animals, let alone a rock star. Furthermore, unless you are Carrie’s personal stylist, I am sure you have no clue whether her personal beauty products are the organic type that don’t use animal testing.

    Now I’m not exactly sure what your point of this “rant” was (to smear Carrie, to point out seemingly hypocritical tendencies that every person exhibits, or to support the agriculture business?). However, I do know that one country star caring about animal rights is not going to stop the millions on millions of red-blooded Americans like myself who could never tired of a good steak or a juicy burger.

    Finally, enjoying Carrie’s music has little to do with supporting her or even liking her as a person. It’s hard to deny that her music is popular and the quality of her music is entirely up to opinion. Especially in this age of illegal music downloading, I am sure she receives less from the purchase of her music every single year (not that its much of a profit driver anyway).

    My point being, try to look beyond the short-sighted view of “I live on a farm!” There are many vegetarian and animal advocate celebrities. That’s their prerogative, such as it yours to enjoy eating meat and raising cattle. Similarly, you don’t know the details of her life, and finally, nobody has flawless values. Everyone flexes on what they believe to an extent. Give a girl some credit.

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