Day 4-The Grass is Greener at the Neighbors

It never fails that when I drive my car through a residential area in the spring, summer, and early fall I get a bit angry with something that I see. Now that I too live in a residential area I am surround by that one thing that angers me. What is the pet peeve of mine that causes so much anger you ask?  The answer is simple…Watering the Lawn.

Before you quit reading or fall of the floor laughing let me explain the reasons this bothers me so much. First and for most I don’t see the point. Who cares if your grass is green or brown? If no one waters there lawns everyone’s is going to look the same. What is your return on investment for pouring that valuable resource out the spicket and wasting it and money for the water? I know, getting to look outside to a green yard. If grass was meant to withstand the heat then God would have made it so. I mean that’s what he did when he created cactus so if that was his intention he would have done the same for grass.

Secondly, I get so aggravated because we as humans waste so much water. Not I am not a environmentalist or trying to save the planet, but come on people. When we run out of water, you should be the last people to get any of the reserves because you used to your reserves on your lawn. Where is that going to get you now? Enjoy that green grass!

However, the biggest reason this bothers me so much (especially this year) is because my family spends so much time trying to locate water for our livestock when resources are limited and here you are dumping it in the ground. We were in an extreme drought this summer and our government had to limit people and make it mandatory they didn’t water their lawns. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Common sense people! When water is limited you do not dump it on the ground for your damn grass! Meanwhile, livestock producers are hauling water in tanks, all over the county, just to be sure their animals can make it through the sweltering heat. I mean maybe I am just crazy, but this doesn’t add up to me.

I can guarantee you one thing as a townie, I will not be watering my lawn. So if you happen to be driving through my neighborhood next summer and you stumble across a crispy, dry, brown yard amongst a bunch of lush, green yards then you will know where I live. And if you live in my neighborhood, he is fair warning that I will give you a death stare when I drive or walk by and you are watering your lawn. Especially, if you are spraying half of it on the sidewalk.

The lawn of a garden taken from a low level.

The lawn of a garden taken from a low level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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