Playing Barber Shop

Yesterday my fiancé and I played barber shop with one type of haircut… Buzzed. Now relax I did not partake in this and shave my head nor did he rather his families show heifers were our subject. Each year about this time many show calves across the states are sheared out. Shearing is when we basically buzz their hair off leaving about half an inch to an inch. We do this for several reasons. First, the winter coat is too heavy now and they start rubbing and sweating leaving bald spots or scratching themselves. By shearing we get rid of this dead hair and allow them to be cooler which will allow a new coat of hair to grow. Second many parasites and fungus grow and thrive in the sweating dead coat of hair so by shearing the cattle we remove the likelihood of getting these fungus’. If the animal still get one of these you will be able to identify and treat it easier as you can visibly see it. After we were done yesterday the show heifers and replacement heifers were kicking up their heels as felt so good and so much lighter!



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