Special Delivery

Man, oh man, has it been crazy!!! Last week I received box after box of contest entries!!! On Friday, they had to make TWO trips just to bring all of my mail to me! I was really excited that all the entries had finally came as I LOVE opening mail however once it was all open it was a bit overwhelming. The pictures below will put it in a better perspective. This year the PR department is trying something new using “Flat Andy” as a way to get kids excited about Junior Nationals and to connect everyone from all over the world into one place. The story behind Flat Andy is that each exhibitor will get one in their packets and are encouraged to take pictures with Andy in their preparation and journey to the NJAS in Harrisburg, PA. I hope that they get some good pictures. To get the juniors in the spirit and show them how the pictures are supposed to be, Flat Andy has been helping me process entries.

I suppose I should probably explain what “entries” I have been processing. First of all the photo contest entries have been sent in. Almost each contest has a Junior, Intermediate and Senior division. For the photo contest each of these age divisions has four categories: Angus Cattle, Landscape, People and Around the Farm or Ranch. I go through each entry and make sure that participants are in the right age group, are paid members of the association and process all the information into excel. Then I have 12 cardboard boxes that I sort the photos into.  The photos will be judged before the show in Harrisburg. I am also collecting entries for the Graphic Design contest, which is about making an ad for your family farm. Creative Writing contest entries require some tedious work checking that entries have the proper word count and everything that goes along with that. I also have to make copies of these to send out to the judges as both this and graphic design will be judge for the contest.

Other contest entries that are due June 10 are the Prepared Speech and the Career Development Contest– I appreciate those individuals who have sent this entries in early.  Another job that I have been working on is write-ups for the Angus Agenda on the 2011 NJAA Board of Directors candidates! Angus juniors should be excited about the amazing and highly qualified individuals that are running for the board this year. (Look at my earlier post on tips for running for a junior board for advice!!) 

This weekend my sister had Reserve Champion Female at our first show! I am so happy for her, but was a little sad to be missing out. This week I will be heading to the Wisconsin Junior Angus Preview Show representing the AAA all by myself!! I am a little nervous as this will be the first time I have rented a car and done all the grown up stuff. Luckily, I have a great group of friends in Wisconsin and I hope they will take good care of me! Should be a great time–look for Flat Andy pictures!! This weekend is also the Illinois State Preview show of which I am the president of the IJSA, I hope I have everything prepared as the fate of Illinois being prepared for the NJSS lays with Karl!! Well this is getting entirely toooo long!! So much still lies ahead—-xoxo

Photo Boxes... only a few of them

Flat Andy in the dumb waiter....

Buried in MAIL!!!

Small mail day


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