Wyatt Hugh Copenhaver



Finally after two years I was able to meet my little “nephew” Mr. Wyatt Hugh…. unfortunately I had been unable to see him so far as my journeys had not lead me to the Missouri area. After a few minutes he had quickly warmed up to me. He has struggled a little bit with my name, so I have just become ME…haha. He is such a happy little boy with such a wonderful personality. He loves his tractors and his farm animals. I am so glad that I have finally been able to meet him. It reminds me of how simple life used to be, when you still got pushed around in a stroller and got a nap time. I can’t wait to watch as this little cutie grows up into a handsome young man. 

I have been talking lots of photos around the office and will take time next week to share post with what I have been doing at work as well as my travels. I will be heading to the state of Wisconsin next weekend for their state preview show, which is sure to be an adventure.


Well time to go lay by the kiddie pool!!!


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