A Fresh Start Down An Unchosen Path

 As most have seen the 30 Day photo challenge is not my true direction and passion for this blog, so although I am not a quitter it is time to bring this blog to what I had intended for it in the beginning. As I begin to blog about the things in this farmgirls life and start a new route with this blog I find it fitting that my first post also be about a new beginning.

As many may know due to mother nature’s recent dealing of constant precipitation in much of the Midwest and Illinois, farmers around here are continually getting a bit grouchier and grouchier everyday they are not able to go the fields. It’s at times like these I am glad that I am at college as Dad sits in his chair cursing at the evening news and Mom frets about what we are going to do about Sarah’s graduation party if the shed it still stacked full of seed corn and soybeans. But even though my family currently has no a single acre planted we must all count are blessings that we will still be able to farm this year…eventually.

It is with a heavy heart that I read about the farm families in southern IL and MO who were asked to pack up and their belongings, cattle, equipment and move to higher grounds as their land would shortly be under several feet of water. I can’t imagine being in such a situation and I know from a past experience that my dad and grandfather would not be leaving peacefully. Now I realize to some this may just be thought of as land, however to my family and I am sure many alike, that land is our foundation. That land ensured food for my great-grandfather and his family, my grandfather and my family; that land ensured food for our animals in all seasons of the year, that land ensured a paycheck so that things could continue for another day. I can’t imagine moving with no idea of what may happen, and for most I doubt that land will ever be the same. 

I remember one day my “Pa” , as his granddaughters call him, and I were sitting down in the barn talking about the future and what was to become of this farm. Being in a family with all girl’s in my generation was of somewhat concern as we were little, but it was the concern that instilled a passion for agriculture in my sister and I. Back to my story, as Pa and I were talking he said one thing to me that I remember and fulfill to the best of my abilities, he said,”Emily, I realize you most likely aren’t going to come back and farm, but I know you will keep the cows and along with the cows I want you to promise to keep this farm in our families name as it has been for so many years. Your great-grandfather worked hard to get here and I know I can trust you and your sister to keep it.” With this in my head, it almost brings me to tears to think of my self in the situation of those farm families down south, who gave up their land to help save the lives of others. It may be far-fetched for some of you to see it this way…however in my mind I see these families’ as heroes and keep them in my prayers that their fresh start will allow for bright futures and that God will take care of them.

Found this link today, check it out!

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